Use Your Phone As a Flash Disk - SymSMB v1.0

Use Your Phone As a Flash Disk - SymSMB v1.0

Use Your Phone As a Flash Disk - SymSMB v1.0

SymSMB 1.10 allows sharing Smartphone’s folders and drives, which can be accessed over Wi-Fi from the PC. With a computer and Wi-Fi router one can access files on the Smartphone as if it’s connected to the computer via cable in file transfer mode
Copy files to and from the Smartphone, create and rename its existing files and directories, listen to your favourite tunes or to watch cool videos on your PC directly from the phone – all the necessary features. Here are some of application’s benefits over cable connection, Bluetooth and IrDA

Program Features;

* No need to install any additional PC software (like PC Suite), drivers and such

* Access to all 4 Smartphone drives: C: (phone memory), D: (RAM), Z: (ROM), E: (Memory Card). In comparison, “USB Mass Storage” mode only provides access to E: (Memory Card), while PC Suite – to C and E, although in the limited user way.

* Phone connected using SymSMB 1.10 is still fully functional (incoming and outgoing calls, use of other applications, etc.)

* Smartphone files can be accessed not just from one, but from several computers. This is, by the way, the method to copy files from one phone to another.