BlueRadar 1.20 for 3rd edition

BlueRadar 1.20 for 3rd edition

BlueRadar 1.20 for 3rd edition

Lost your partner in the shopping center and he/she does not hear you are calling him/her?
Overlooked someone you are waiting for in the airport or in the club passing by?
Late to your classes and cannot find the classroom without knocking at every door?

Want to be warned when your boss is approaching your workplace?
Or, would you like to play the old “hide and seek” in a new exciting way? (E.g. identify an unknown person whose mobile phone you can detect?)

This is where BlueRadar can help you.
BlueRadar quickly detects a bluetooth device even if the device is not in the discoverable (public) mode and notifies you when it is near.

It is just enough if the mobile phone or other device belonging to the person you want to trace has bluetooth switched on.

New devices can be added to the known device list in two ways:

* using bluetooth discovery - the same way which is used for pairing devices (the device must be in the discoverable mode for a while)

* or, manually - by entering the device bluetooth ID
Bluetooth ID can be easily obtained for Nokia phones by pressing *#2820# (as if typing phone number to dial).

Important: If you get the following error message during installation:

“Certificate Error contact the application supplier”