Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 v1.1.776.48 free download

Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 v1.1.776.48

Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 v1.1.776.48

Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 v1.1.776.48 | 14,2MB

Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 scans for Spyware, Adware, Malware, Riskware, Key Loggers, Trojans, Sniffers, BHOs, Exploits, Worms, Monitoring Programs and the type. It tracks all the infections present on your system, shows severity of every infection found, removes all the malicious entries and protects your data from prying eyes.

Key features of "Systweak AntiSpyware":

* Get rid of spyware before it damages the data
Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 scans your computer for all types of spyware, adware, riskware, key-loggers, Trojans, BHOs, hacking tools that take the form of startup programs, registry entries, cookies, and files and folders that store themselves in your system. It scrutinizes every minor entry on your computer to ensure complete protection of sensitive information.
* Real-time guards to protect runtime changes
Your computer is susceptible to spyware attacks and all your confidential information is exposed to risk. The need of the hour is protecting your work and money with Real-Time Protection Guards of Systweak AntiSpyware 2008. They safeguard from all the malefactors around the world that can invariably harm your system.

* All-round protection guard
Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 ensures all-round protection of your computer. It tracks all kinds of spyware infections which can slow down system performance, steal confidential data, spy on your system, log your chat conversations and browsing habits, remotely control your computer, and spread self-replicating programs that propagate via security holes on your computer network.

* Updated definitions to secure your data
Sending spyware and variants through the Internet is a common phenomenon these days. To keep a check on all of these spyware threats, our technical squad regularly updates our servers with the latest anti-spyware data. Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 subscribers always have access to the latest protection. We also work hard to eliminate false-positives; we never want to identify your important files as threats.

* Reliable and Safe
You can improve your safety by detecting infections already present on your system, and by destroying downloaded infections by stopping them at real-time. Systweak AntiSpyware 2008 gives you the ability to permanently delete all such malicious applications, while ignoring genuine applications. We deliver the perfect balance, for your safety.

* Notify you on updates available
We notify you when we update our database, and you can download the latest information whenever you'd like. We keep you safe, today and tomorrow.

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