rotateMe v2.0

rotateMe v2.0

rotateMe v2.0

RotateMe was available only for donators. Today, final version v2.0 is released. Bad news is rotateMe is not signed. You can sign it in easy 3 steps

Here’s the demonstration video of rotateMe

RotateMe on N95
by Rbbani

rotateMe v2.0 Release notes;

* Sensitivity:More sensitivity is set to a high value, more the display will rotate with a minor needing of rotation of the phone.
* Reactivity: The lower this setting is, the longer you have to keep your phone in landscape/portrait position to rotate the screen.
* Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch rotateMe automatically at the phone boot.
* Autorotation switch type:
- Hotkey: Disable autorotation by pressing simultaneously ‘Pen’ and ‘Camera’ keys.
- By launching: Disable autorotation by launching rotateMe. To launch the app, launch it from menu.
* Inactivity Delay: After this delay of inactivity, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key, or unlock the keypad, to reactivate auto-rotation.
* Priority: High priority allows a better reactivity when big apps are launched.
* System App.: When activated, this setting prevents rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions.
* Hidden App.: Enable this setting to hide rotateMe from the tasks list.