Portable Sonic RecordNOW Deluxe v7.3

Portable Sonic RecordNOW Deluxe v7.3

Portable Sonic RecordNOW Deluxe v7.3

Portable Sonic RecordNOW Deluxe.v7.3 | 18,5MB

RecordNow! Deluxe provides all the functionality most people need for recording CDs and DVDs. The simple interface breaks down the functionality in to different tasks with options for audio, data, video and backup. Within each tab are a number of options. As an example, the data tab offers data disc, data image and exact copy

Features as supplied by Sonic:

-Make custom Audio CDs for your car, home, or office
-Create Jukebox CDs (MP3, WMA, WAV CDs)
-Make exact copies of music discs in your collection
-Scan for and burn playlists
-Set Audio CD properties like pre-gap and CD text
-MP3 & MP3 VBR Encoding (rip your favorite CDs to add to your MP3 collection)

-Make exact copies of data discs
-Make CDs and DVDs bootable

-Create and burn images of CDs and DVDs
-Quickly and easily archive your important data across multiple discs
-Launch Backup (requires Simple Backup or Backup MyPC)

More Features:
-Integrated disc labeling for professional results
-Intelligent drag-and-drop takes the hassle out of burning
-Easy-to-use task based interface
-Tutorial to help you get started
-RightSpeed Burns for perfect burns every time
-New! Dual Layer Support (with V7.22)

Advanced Options:
-Normalization and Noise reduction for audio CDs
-Ability to control burn speeds
-Control write format including ISO and UDF
-Record types – Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, open or closed
-Premastering cache, file date and time
-Primary volume descriptor fields (publisher ID, data preparer, application ID)

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